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This challenge is for those interested in taking their Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health to the next level. 


What is TiJAB1080?

TIJAB1080 (This Is Just A Body) philosophy

created by Thrett Brown.

TiJAB1080 invokes a person to draw from their

own inspiration versus outside motivation,

finding the power within to push themselves

to the max when motivation isn't available. 


TiJAB1080 Challenge uses the TiJAB1080 philosophy

combined with knowledge from

the best health and wellness professionals 

to bring you the hottest online challenge yet


Thrett Brown

 I am the creator of TiJAB1080.

I realized I was relying on the encouragement

outside of me to push me through a workout.


Insert TiJAB, 

I started telling myself, "This Is Just A Body, It Will do What You Tell It To Do."  I found that the more I told myself this, the more mentally strong I became. TIJAB became a phrase I used to realize my inner power.


 I understand that it is very complicated to

push ourselves to the max when motivation

isn't available. By joining this concept and opportunity you will find power in

yourself and be inspire from within.

- Become Your Own Client-

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TiJAB1080 Challenge



Challenge Your Mind


Challenge Your Body


Challenge Your Spirit

Create a formula for the mindset!  In order to control the body, we must control the mind. 

A conditioned body is conditioned mind.

Set up a 21  day plan to and use your mindset formula to push you like a supplement, based realistic goal and a equation you have created.

Discover your inner self and implement mindfulness techniques in order to make you more in control of everybody of work. Learn that we are energy not physical.  

What is Included?


  • Challenge is held in our VIP Facebook group

  • 30 days of accountability and connection to others doing the challenge with you

  • There will be 7 days of preparation where we will help you identify the habits you want to change and how to change them 

  • There will be 21 days where you will practice your new habits with our support

  • You will discover your personalized equation and how to apply this throughout your life 

  • Help setting up your Workout Calendar

  • Access to TiJAB1080 Top Health and Wellness Advisors and Scholars 

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Find your element and apply this to your physical, mental and life goals 

  • Learn affirmations and mindset techniques

  • Upon successful completion, TiJAB1080 will accept your equation into our TiJAB1080 Book of Equatiatic Formulas

TiJAB1080 + Nutrition

Take the TiJAB1080 Challenge


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